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Clamp-on with Micronics for major installation savings, minimal downtime and dry servicing.


The U3000U1000 latest generation of clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meters from Micronics are a viable alternative to in-line meters for HVAC metering, in both retrofit and new build applications, delivering major installation savings, minimal downtime, maximised availability and significant maintenance benefits.

Liquid flow metering including LTHW, Chilled water and DHWS plus flow measurement for Thermal Energy measurement are all areas where clamp-on meters offer a best value solution for Building Services or Energy Management i.e. they will be significantly cheaper to install than traditional in-line meters and as they’re non-invasive they deliver maximum availability through dry servicing and minimal maintenance.

The larger the pipe size the greater the installed saving will be but with the elimination of flanges and by-pass valves significant savings are available for a wide range of pipe sizes with major savings for larger applications! The following is a comparison of new build installation costs the comparable savings for retrofit would be higher:


Pipe Size mm –
Steel Pipe
Total cost of
installing insertion
meters with
Cost of installing
clamp on ultrasonic
meter, half hour
labour up to 50mm,
1 hour labour from
Additional cost of
insertion meter
installation i.e.
potential savings –
wiring assumed to
be equal:
25 £468 £6.20 £462
40 £601 £6.20 £595
50 £704 £6.20 £697
65 £1,681 £12.40 £1,669
80 £1,992 £12.40 £1,980
125 £3,873 £12.40 £3,860
150 £4,840 £12.40 £4,828

Insulation of clamp on and insertion meters assumed to be similar.
Costs from Spons M&E
It’s appreciated that competitive tendering would reduce these cost estimates.

The above demonstrates the potential installation price savings from using a clamp-on solution, which would deliver an installed clamp-on meter price with savings ranging from significant to major from 50mm upwards. And with the added benefits of being non-invasive, requiring only dry servicing and maximising availability.

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