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Flow Meter Hire

Micronics has a full range of products to help you to measure the flow of heat or water within your industry. These products provide monitoring data that can improve the effectiveness of your processes, aid energy efficiencies, reduce waste. We have a wide range of products to ensure we can best match your flow monitoring needs. These products include portable flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, clamp on flow meters and non-invasive flow meters. We have products to cover most pipe work, velocities and other specific requirements.

At Micronics, we understand that many industries only have a requirement for short term flow monitoring, so we also offer a flow meter hire service. You may be interested in our flow meter hire service if your requirements are simply short term monitoring of water or energy flow. It could be useful to hire a flow meter for an annual check or review of your processes. This can enable checks to be made on equipment, for example; the suitability of pump specifications and pump controls.

Other companies have used our hire service when they have needed a temporary solution to provide emergency cover for a failed meter. By hiring a flow meter, the company has reduced or, as we offer a next day delivery service in the U.K., even prevented down time within their processes. This has therefore made the flow meter hire a very cost effective solution.

Micronics also recognises that the flow meter hire service can be ideal if you want to try our equipment and check its value to your company before committing to a purchase. This can be ideal if you are considering options for capital investment, or if several company representatives want to see the flow meter in action to justify the spend.

Be reassured, when you hire a flow meter, or flow meter accessories, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. We have a large stock of hire equipment on the shelf and are therefore prepared for hiring our flow meters at any time.

We know that a quick turn-around can be crucial to minimising the effects on industrial processes. If you can get your flow meter hire request to us by 12pm, you will have the equipment you need delivered the next day across the U.K. We also ensure that all of our hired flow meters have been inspected by our service department and charged up for immediate use when they arrive with you.

If you do not have an on-site expert, we can help you to get the most from our hire service by providing one of our equipment experts to join you on site. If this is of interest, please request our ‘Engineer on Site’ service when you call to arrange the flow meter hire.

If you know your business could benefit from the hire of flow meters, please contact us on (01628) 810456 or sales@micronicsltd.co.ukto discuss your specific requirements with our expert team.

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