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Heat Meters

Featured product

U1000 Heat Meter

  • Clamp-on flow and temperature sensors
  • Lower installed cost than in-line meters
  • Easy to install
  • To suit pipes 25mm – 115mm

Other products

Click to view the new CF Echo II heat meters
  • Inline Ultrasonic Heat Metering
  • Reliable and Stable Accuracy
  • Ease of Installation
  • 15 to 50mm pipe sizes
CF-UltraMaXX V
Click to view the new V MaXX heat meters
  • Ultrasonic Compact Thermal Energy Meter
  • Dynamic Range
  • Communication Options
  • For ¾” and 1” pipe sizes

How a Heat Flow Meter can help reduce energy use and cost

Micronics products help businesses to measure and monitor the flow of heat and water, which enables them to identifying areas where consumption could be reduced. Below is an example of where our heat flow meters have helped. Luton Borough Council, who own and occupy approximately 175 non-residential buildings. A combination of increased energy prices and budget cuts resulted in significant actions to monitor and improve energy use in recent years. In addition, Luton BC was driven by the need for councils to comply with Building Regulations, which specify that 90% of annual energy consumption needs to be accounted for. Lea Manor Sports Centre and neighbouring Lea Manor High School are two examples of buildings were heat flow from a central boiler house has now been monitored for several years. Luton Borough Council installed Micronics UF 2000 Heat Flow Meter on the site to individually measure heat flow to the school heating, hot water heating, sports centre heating and pool heating. The UF200 Heat Flow Meter was selected because it is non-invasive, so could be installed without the need to cut existing pipe work. The information collected by the UF 2000 Heat Flow Meter has been used to monitor the energy bills for the individual areas. This gave direct accountability for energy use, resulting in better energy management and reductions in both energy use and cost. If you would like more information on Heat Flow Meters – Please Contact usto find out more or click hereto request a quote.  

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