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Wastewater Meter

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 Microwave Wastewater Meter

 Measures gravity fed partially filled pipes

 Patented Product Made in the UK

 Innovative and Robust Design

 CE Approved

 MCERTS Pending

 Wide range of application usages including:

– Wastewater (outflow) Proof
– Blue and Grey Water Systems (accurately billed)
– Sewer Modelling with Real Time Data
– Flood Prevention

Sizes:– 100mm (4 in) and 150mm (6 in) available now. Other sizes soon.
Operating Temp. Range:– -10°C to +40°C.
Flow Range:– 200 to 20,000 l/ h.
Display:– Volumetric display, LCD in cubic meters with 5 decimal places.
Output:– Pulse output, 1 pulse = 1 litre or 10 litres (factory set).
Power:– Battery or Mains Powered.
IP Rating:– IP68.
Detection and Alarm:– Blocked and partially blocked pipe.
Remote Data Transmission:– Remote Access Service 3G/4G Internet of Things enabled.
WRAS Approved Material:– Polypropylene.