Effluent Discharge Monitoring

Effluent Discharge Licences normally require some form of MCERTS certified metering to confirm compliance with the flow requirements of the licence and the in-line WasteWater Meter WWM™ from Micronics is a cost-effective, low maintenance solution with no expensive Flume, or V Notch Weir required! Offering precise real-time flow and volumetric output with ultra-low measurements from 200 litres per hour on gravity sewers, the WWM™ can provide real time, 24/7 monitoring of your effluent discharge via a comprehensive web dashboard. And in addition the WWM™ can provide a blocked pipe alarm and trigger automatic sampling systems or other devices.

Lower capital cost, significantly lower maintenance and more accurate than a flume or weir, the WWM™ is a unique solution available for 4 & 6 inch gravity sewer applications.

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News: Third party finance available subject to status!

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