Wastewater Meter

Wastewater Meters can help yield significant savings

You may have an opportunity for significant savings regarding your utility – Wastewater charges through metering of actual discharged Wastewater as opposed to billing based on a % of your clean water consumption?

Wastewater charges are normally calculated as a fixed % of your clean water consumption and from our experience if you’re a Commercial/Industrial consumer with a current clean water bill >£15,000/annum, the potential saving for switching from a calculated Wastewater charge to an actual metered charge or claim-back could be up to £3,000 per annum!

How are these savings achieved?

In most circumstances Wastewater discharge is not metered, so the current practice from the Water utilities/suppliers is to assume that circa 80% of the clean water supplied to a company will be discharged as Wastewater ie down the drain. However, in practice its often the case that this is an over estimate, for example Industrial consumers like laundries consume a considerable amount of water in the process including evaporation, less goes down the drain and the actual Wastewater is less than the calculated/estimated charge, offering the potential for a claim-back. Micronics has a unique metering solution based on the latest Microwave technology to accurately measure the Wastewater discharge as a cost-effective basis for a claim-back of estimated charges.

So if your clean water charges are >£15,000 per annum please call or email us now to arrange a visit/survey Wastewater metersand no obligation proposal from one of our consultants or if you prefer please forward details of your water charges to us and we will let you know the scope for savings using one of our Wastewater Meters.




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