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Micronics Portaflow 330 used to balance chilled water pump on RN vessel

A Micronics Portaflow 330 was used to balance a chilled water pump on a naval vessel undergoing a refit in Fife Dockyard. Sam Humphreys, Chilled Water Commissioning Supervisor for AERIUS Marine had used Micronics flowmeters very successfully on several occasions in the past so had no hesitation in choosing the Portaflow again. “The Micronics units are easy to work with as well as being lightweight yet very robust making them perfect for our requirements”. The German company with headquarters in Hamburg and with locations in the UK, India, France and Australia are specialists in the design, assembly, selection and supply of the components and commissioning of maritime HVAC solutions focusing on the passenger ship and navy vessel markets. “We will continue to use Micronics flowmeters in the future whenever we have a requirement for a flowmeter,” said Sam Humphreys.

The fact that the Portaflow 330 is especially designed for liquids is portable and simply clamps onto the pipe played a significant role in Sam Humphreys’ selection. The specialist Micronics product is used for clean liquid monitoring. It is fitted with an integral logger and software and, because there is no need to cut into pipes it delivers significant savings on installation costs and there is less disruption than when installing an alternative in-line meter. It is robustly constructed and provides a quick and reliable means of measuring flow accurately.

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