Best Value Solutions for Energy Management, Building Services and Group or District heating schemes

Identifying waste, optimising use and accurate sub-metering and billing of energy and water are a key requirement for the efficient operation of existing and new buildings. Whether you’re operating a shopping centre, office block, hospital, school or housing/accommodation, private or public sector you need to optimise energy and water consumption. Automatic meter reading can also be accomplished.

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In existing buildings with limited drawings and old pipe-work, which goes who knows where this can be a daunting task. The first step in managing the consumption is to find out “what’s flowing where” i.e. to measure consumption by accountable areas but how? The answer is clamp-on, non-invasive water flow and energy measurement from Micronics, yes that’s right clamp-on i.e. no need to drain down systems and cut into existing pipe-work!

Micronics can supply or rent a simple to use portable instrument for the initial investigations i.e. to help you build a picture of what’s going on. And as a next stage they can provide fixed clamp-on solutions to provide the essential ongoing measurement and monitoring for effective energy management and user billing.

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If you’re a Building Services Engineer working on the design and whole-life operating cost of a new building, Micronics can provide fixed clamp-on solutions, which are far more cost-effective than large in-line meters, when the installation cost is taken into account and will provide lower ongoing servicing costs through dry maintenance i.e. no need to drain down pipe-work for repair or maintenance, which is a significant benefit in critical system installations such as Data Centres, Hospitals and Airports.

However, we recognise that clamp-on is not the only solution and so in areas such as consumption measurement and billing of residential or commercial district/group heating or chilled water we can supply a cost effective in-line solution using an advanced range of heat meter products from our partner Engelmann GmbH.

So if you need to measure, monitor or provide accurate billing for energy or water consumption in your facility we believe we have the solution and we would value the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Please take a look and if you have any questions or specific applications you’re considering we would be pleased to provide a FOC no obligation proposal and you may also benefit from our “Try before you buy” promotion.