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Water & Environment

Energy Management, Building Services & Group or District Heating Schemes

Manufacturing & Processing

Ultrasonic Flow Meters in the UK

Micronics design, manufacture and market ultrasonic flowmeters as both portable ultrasonic meter instruments and fixed meter applications.

Micronics Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, and distribution of flow measurement and process diagnostic equipment. Founded in 1985 we have established ourselves as a reputable provider of non-invasive ultrasonic metering systems for various industries.

Ultrasonic flow meters

Micronics ultrasonic flow meters  including the ultrasonic water flow meteare widely used in the Energy Management and retrofit Building Services markets in the UK and around the world to help reduce energy consumption and monitor water use. Our extensive range of products includes: Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meters, Fixed clamp on flow meters, Portable & Fixed Liquid Flow Meters, Energy Meters for heating and cooling applications and in-line MID approved ultrasonic energy and water meters for direct billing applications with a radio-based automatic reading system.
Ultrasonic Flow Meters Range |

Flow Sensors

Flow rate sensors revolutionise energy flow metering by detecting and measuring fluid flow rates externally, avoiding any disruption to ongoing processes. Micronics Ltd. offers versatile options: Clamp-On flow meters ensure easy installation on pipe exteriors, eliminating intrusive modifications and downtime. Full pipe flow meters deliver comprehensive insights into fluid dynamics, while the specialized “Doppler” open channel flow meters handle challenging scenarios with contaminated or dirty liquids.
Flow Sensors Range |

Flow Measurement Meters

With an impressive 35 years of industry experience, Micronics stands as a trusted source for an extensive array of cutting-edge Flow Measurement Meters such as ultrasonic water flow meteres. With a global reach, Micronics caters to customers both in the UK and around the world. This ensures that customers receive unique and tailored solutions that address their specific flow measurement needs, backed by a wealth of technical expertise and a commitment to excellence.
Flow Measurement Meters Range |

Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meters

Clamp-on ultrasonic technology can deliver significant benefits over traditional inline flow meters / inline water meters. Contact us about Ultrasonic clamp on water meters, strap on meters, open channel or in-line meters.
Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meters Range |

Non-invasive Ultrasonic Metering Systems

Micronics non-invasive approach to flow measurement provides several advantages, including reduced installation time, minimised maintenance requirements, and the ability to measure a wide range of fluids without altering the existing piping infrastructure.
Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meters | Range

Energy flow metering

Energy flow metering involves measuring and monitoring the movement of energy within various systems to understand consumption patterns and optimise efficiency. Ultrasonic flow meters, like those developed by us at Micronics Ltd, play a crucial role in energy flow metering by accurately measuring the flow of liquids or gases through pipes and channels. Our meters use ultrasonic technology to non-intrusively measure flow rates, providing essential data for assessing energy consumption, identifying leaks, and enabling effective management strategies within heating, cooling, and fluid-based systems.
Energy Flow Metering Range |

For product and application enquiries in the UK & Ireland and all International enquiries please contact your local Micronics Distributor or call Micronics direct on +44 (0)1628 243066


What is a Flow Meter?

A flow meter is a device that measures the rate of fluid (liquid or gas) flow, providing essential data for monitoring and controlling various processes such as industrial manufacturing, water treatment, HVAC systems, and oil refining, where accurate measurement of fluid flow is crucial for efficiency and quality control. |  Read More

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