Best Value Solutions for Water & Environment Flow Measurements

Water and the Environment are precious and finite resources, which we need to protect through managing consumption and monitoring waste discharges to avoid contamination and flooding. Micronics has been providing leading edge solutions in this area for 35 years with clamp-on and open channel flow measurement solutions for clean and dirty or contaminated water applications. Also applicable to waste water metering.

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Whether you’re a Water Utility or a demand side Commercial or Industrial water user operating a shopping centre, office block, hospital, school or laundry, in the private or public sector or a developer or architect considering the impact of SUDs on your latest development you may need to measure and monitor your water and waste water flows to manage consumption and protect the environment. Micronics Flow Meters can help.

We have the experience of providing flow measurement and monitoring solutions for the Water Utilities including both clean and dirty water applications for full, partial pipe and open channel flows. This includes products using Ultrasonic Doppler, Transit Time and the latest Microwave technology for waste water applications.

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The first step in managing flows to facilitate accurate water or waste water charges and avoid potential contamination is to find out “what’s flowing”. Micronics can provide simple to use portable flow meters for clean and dirty or contaminated water. For full pipe applications the best solution may be clamp-on, non-invasive water flow measurement from Micronics, yes that’s right clamp-on i.e. no need to drain down systems and cut into existing pipe-work! Micronics can supply or rent a simple to use portable instruments for the initial investigations i.e., to help you build a picture of what’s going on. As a next stage they can provide fixed clamp-on flow meter solutions to provide the essential ongoing measurement and monitoring for effective management of the application.

However, we recognise that clamp-on is not the only solution and so in areas such as Waste Water monitoring and metering we can supply a cost effective in-line solution using an advanced range of Microwave products.

So if you need to measure or monitor water or waste water flow in the Utility supply side to monitor networks and services or monitor performance and provide accurate information for billing in your demand side facility we believe we have the solution and we would value the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Please take a look and if you have any questions or specific applications you’re considering we would be pleased to provide a FOC no obligation proposal and you may also benefit from our “Try before you buy” service.