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40 Micronics heat meters used in important Government building

It is increasingly important in the current climate of public sector budget cuts that public buildings are as energy efficient as possible. In addition the Government wants to be at the forefront of the reduction in carbon in public buildings. One such building is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which occupies a Victorian, Grade 1 listed building in St. James Place, London and has great historical value. A recent upgrade project at the FCO required the energy monitoring of approximately forty combined heating & cooling circuits in order to calculate and benchmark savings which could be made. The quest for energy and utility efficiency requires the best and most reliable measurement systems and Bridge Controls Ltd from Reading, Berkshire, the nominated BMS specialist on this project, had experience of the Micronics range of heat meters from past projects and specified the U3000 range of ultrasonic flow meters for this project. Bridge Controls undertook the installation of the flow meters and CF51 energy calculators which provide direct communication to the Trend BMS network and energy manager software suite.

Martin Knowles, Bridge Control’s Contracts Manager specified the U3000, a transit time ultrasonic flow meter and the CF51 Heating & Cooling Calculator as ideal for the job. Consequently, 40 U3000s were installed in the heating and cooling circuits throughout the building. The U3000 is designed to work with clamp on transducers and accurately measures liquid flowing through a closed pipe. It eliminates the need for any mechanical parts to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system and because it takes just a few minutes to install, there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system. The CF51’s multifunctional display means that it is easy to read, providing rapid and clear access to important billing data.

Officials at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were pleased with the installation which proceeded rapidly with no interruption to the day to day functioning of the office. They would certainly use Micronics heat meters in other Government buildings.

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