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Micronics flowmeters monitor water flow through pressure reducing valves at iconic London Landmark

Carrier Controls one of the world leaders in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technology used a Micronics U1000 flowmeter to monitor the flow of water at a major landmark building in central London. The hot water feed into the building flows at 15bar from the main system and is reduced through pressure reducing valves as it enters the building. Peter Hodge, a Project Manager at Carrier Controls of Leatherhead, Surrey was carrying out a refurbishment on the building. Carrier Controls had used the Micronics unit on a previous project and Peter knew that the flowmeter would be ideal for his purposes so purchased another one in April 2017. “The Micronics unit is non-intrusive so there was no need to cut into pipework, saving expense and crucially, time. The performance of the unit was excellent and delivered the readings faultlessly and we have gone on to use Micronics flowmeters for further projects, including at Aldgate Tower.”

The Micronics U1000 is a fixed installation, clamp-on flowmeter that is easy to install and requires the minimum of information to be entered by the user. Compact, rugged and reliable, the U1000 has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments.  Apart from hot water metering and flow measurement as in this case, other typical uses include chilled water, potable water, process water and ultra-pure water metering and flow measurement.

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