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Micronics flowmeters measure chemical flow rates whilst avoiding contamination risk

Four Micronics U3000’s were used by Norfolk-based Diamond Controls, specialist electrical contractor in areas such as leak detection, trace heating and flow/heat measurement to help an agricultural chemicals manufacturer measure the flow rates on specific chemicals before being mixed together. Omex Agriculture, a privately owned business that was established in the UK in 1976 and is now a group of companies operating throughout the world have specialist knowledge of fluid dynamics. They manufacture complex liquid formulations for use in many industries, ranging from agriculture to energy. Robert Perry, Omex’s Production Manager was looking for a solution to avoid the risk of contamination which meant that Omex’s usual answer of using a flow meter with a propeller was not viable. He contacted Paul Davis of Diamond Controls who are a distributor partner of Micronics, the longest established British manufacturer of non-invasive, clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement instruments and meters. Micronics were able to analyse samples of the two different products within the Diamond Controls lab facility to be measured for accurate sound transmission speeds to enable the system to be programmed.

Paul Davis knew that the U3000 would be a perfect solution as it provides accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe so there is no need to cut into pipework. The Ultraflo’s easy to follow menu and simple set up makes the calculation of liquid flow effortless and reliable.

Indeed, the whole Micronics range of fixed and clamp-on flowmeters provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-line meter installation for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, dry servicing means minimum downtime saving both cost and time. The Micronics flowmeters were ideal for Robert’s needs. “The after sales support from Micronics was fantastic. They took minimal time to set it up in the first place and it has definitely delivered the required results. We take pride in finding solutions for our clients’ requirements, however complex the challenge and the U3000s helped us do this.”

The potential for similar use is significant and Diamond Controls will potentially use Micronics flowmeters for future projects with similar requirements.

For further information on this project or the Micronics range call Micronics on +44(0)1628 810456, or visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com.

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