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Micronics heat meter delivers considerable savings and energy efficiency

DK Heat Recovery, based in the Yorkshire and Humber region, which promotes the implementation of energy efficiency technologies, uses a Micronics U1000 heat meter to define hot water usage for a number of their clients. Waste heat rejected from refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be harnessed by intercepting it before it is vented to the atmosphere by passing refrigerant gas through a heat exchanger to deliver potable or heating water at 45-60oC.

The requirement on a large dairy site was to clearly evaluate how much hot water was being used on a minute by minute basis. It is also essential to know what time of day it is produced and for how long because there is a massive wash-down at the end of each day, using 200,000 litres of hot water. Without the knowledge of the profile of water usage they were not able to correctly select the buffer tank size. Clearly, the knowledge provided by the Micronics heat meter which is used to establish the water flow and measure the energy saved by the system is extremely useful and saves a great deal of money as well as being very environmentally efficient. Furthermore, the U1000s helps meet compliance regulation, which is imminent in this industry.

David Haughton, DK Heat Recovery’s Engineering Manager was pleased that a customer had given him some literature about Micronics, which encouraged him to buy one at the start of last year. “Very few food manufacturers know how much hot water they use but that knowledge can save considerable amounts of money. Some businesses, where we have fitted meters have been shocked by the profile of their water usage. Changes have provided considerable savings. For DK Heat, the Micronics unit is able to give data on a minute by minute basis; this allows us to accurately size the buffer tank, which are expensive items. This means savings of thousands of pounds on installation costs. I would certainly recommend it to others and will continue to use it on even larger projects.”

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