Micronics flowmeter measures heat flow from boilers on BT estate

A Micronics Portaflow 330 was used in January 2017 by a Newcastle-based firm of building services engineers to determine the heat circulating from boilers at BT’s Global Research and Development Headquarters at Adastral Park in Ipswich. Don Lord, a Director of The Engineering Support Partnership Ltd (ESP) had used a Portaflow to calculate the flow of heat in industrial systems successfully for several years and wanted to replace it.

The Portaflow 330 is non-intrusive and can be strapped onto the outside of pipes without the need to cut into them making the costs of installation very low. Furthermore, the time to verify flow rates is negligible and therefore disruption to the running of the BT site was minimal. The unit’s simplicity and economy of operation were key to Don Lord’s decision to opt for a straight replacement of the unit. He has been extremely satisfied with the Portaflow’s performance over the years. “It is important to us that the Portaflow is quick and easy to commission meaning that there is only minor disruption to the running of a client’s site. Also, because Micronics is a UK based company we get excellent local product support and aftercare.”

Formed in 1995, The Engineering Support Partnership Ltd (ESP) are building services engineers with an ever increasing focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency based technologies. As consultant engineers, project managers and Carbon Trust consultants, ESP undertake detailed energy assessments to understand the energy used and to establish the data centre infrastructure efficiency (DCiE). Areas of expertise include biomass heating, combined heat and power, tri-generation, air and ground source heat pumps, air conditioning and general building services applications, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. As well as BT, the company has long term clients such as Nestle, NHS Trusts and the MoD.

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