Eurac Poole, Dorset

Micronics Clamp-on Flow Meter provides reliable water flow measurement in leading foundry

The supply of cast iron plays a fundamental role in the production of brake discs and drums for vehicle manufacturers, the motor racing industry and replacement part distributors. When melting iron up to 1550oC, cooling water is circulated through an electric induction coil, it is therefore absolutely crucial that flow is monitored constantly because, if water is lost, the electrical coil could melt and safety would be seriously compromised. Furthermore, a replacement coil would cost £35,000, plus the costs of repairing any collateral damage caused by uncontained molten iron, notwithstanding the costs resulting from loss of production.

Eurac Poole Ltd is one of the leading grey iron foundries of its type in Europe, supplying over 40,000 tonnes of cast product every year. Molten iron is prepared in four medium-frequency, coreless induction furnaces where cooling is a critical part of the process. Paul Sillence, Eurac Poole’s Maintenance Superintendent had used electro mechanical flow monitoring devices on previous occasions and had found them to be unreliable. He wanted an alternative that would constantly measure the flow in a closed loop cooling system through an evaporative cooling tower. In addition, he determined that to avoid costly and disruptive downtime the flow meter would have to be non-invasive and easy to fix without any need to break into the system. He had read about Micronics devices in a technical publication and knew that the Buckinghamshire-based company supplied non-invasive flow monitoring devices. He contacted Micronics at the beginning of last year and their engineers recommended a Micronics U3000 Permanent Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter to be fixed on pipework serving the furnace cooling system. Because mechanical parts do not need to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system, installation took just a few minutes and there was no need to shut down flow or drain the system, making it extremely cost effective and practical. The device uses non-invasive ultrasonic sound transmission and detects liquid flow velocity inside closed pipes; it is simple to operate and gives a flow measurement to an acuracy of 1.5%.

Paul is completely satisfied with the purchase and the after-purchase support received from Micronics. “I would definitely use Micronics again and am seriously considering buying another Ultraflow 3000 for an identical furnace system in the near future.”

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