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Micronics portable flowmeter used to check flow rates in Northwest swimming pools

A Bredbury, near Stockport supplier of engineering solutions and services to the public swimming pool industry uses a Micronics Portaflow 330 to check the flow rates in swimming pools throughout the country. Lance Brookes, Head of Service for FT Leisure had an older Portaflow which he had used successfully on many occasions so replaced it with a Portaflow 330 in summer 2018. “The Portaflow is ideal because it is fully portable, which means we can use it in multiple locations. It allows us to establish the turnover of water in order to accurately estimate how long each swimming pool needs to be shut down for. We are very happy with its performance and would have no hesitation recommending it to others.”

The clamp-on flow meter is ultrasonic and non-invasive which means it delivers simple, quick and accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe. There is no interruption to process and no downtime whilst it is used, crucial when using it to measure flow in swimming pools which are used every day of the week. Compact, rugged and reliable, results can be achieved within minutes. The Portaflow range is equipped with an easy to follow menu and simple set up and has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments such as the water, building services, energy management, power generation, and chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and the food industries. Applications are diverse including HVAC and energy system audit, checking system meters, verifying pumps, testing boilers, sizing filters, measuring ultrapure water, metering heavy fuel oil and condensate measurement. It is recommended for many different fluids including potable water, river, cooling and demineralised water, water/glycol solutions, hydraulic, diesel and fuel oils, chemicals and petroleum products. And the rechargeable battery allows it to be used where there is no easily available mains power.

FT Leisure has delivered hundreds of aquatic facilities, from 50m 10 lane international competition pools, to rooftop infinity edge pools. They provide design and build services, service, maintenance and fabrication services.

For further information on this project or the Micronics range call Micronics on +44(0)1628 810456, or visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com.

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