General Waters

Manufacturer and supplier of water treatment plants depend on Micronics flowmeters

A leading manufacturer and supplier of water treatment plants has used several Micronics flowmeters over the last 10 years. Caerphilly-based General Waters Ltd, have been involved in the design, installation and operation of some of the largest water filtration plants in Europe and used a U1000 on a D11 water system on a semi-conductor site in South Wales in August last year when the client, Infineon found that their existing paddle wheel flowmeter had failed. They needed a non-invasive flowmeter so that they did not need to cut into the pipe due to the nature of the water supply and called on Gareth Scully, General Waters’ Service Manager to help. He had complete confidence in the Micronics unit as he had good experience of using them on other projects and knew that it would fulfil Infineon’s requirements perfectly. “The flow meter is installed on PVDF high purity pipe work that supplies ultrapure water and the plant only stops production once per year so it is not possible to simply replace the paddle wheel flow meter. The U1000 really suits the application as we don’t have to stop production and also we will not contaminate the water quality by adding a potential risk into the system.” General Waters has used a total of 5 U1000 units to solve similar issues on other sites as well where cutting into the pipe is not an option.  They have found the U1000 flow meter is easy to install and program and also very accurate.

The Micronics U1000 is a fixed installation, clamp-on flowmeter that requires only the minimum of input from the user in entering information. Accurate flow measurements are provided by a multiple slope transit time algorithm. The U1000 transducer separation distance is factory preset to the internal diameter (ID) of the application pipe setting the U1000 apart from other clamp-on flowmeters. The U1000 can be used for hot water metering and flow measurement, chilled, potable, process and, as in this case ultra pure water flow measurement.

Gareth Scully is an enthusiastic advocate of Micronics products. “We will continue to use Micronics flowmeters to help our clients with similar applications. They save time and, crucially costs because they are non-invasive. I would thoroughly recommend their use.”

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