Green Highlands Renewables

Micronics Portable Flow Meter validates efficiency of Scottish Hydro Scheme

A Micronics PF330 portable flowmeter was used by Green Highland Renewables to
validate the flow rates and verify the efficiency of the equipment on one of their
installations. The Scottish company has been developing run of river hydro schemes
since 2007. Hydro schemes are significant capital assets and it makes good business
sense to maximise their value. The heart of a hydro system is the turbine, where power
is extracted from the water and efficiency is critical because every small gain – or loss –
directly affects the profit margin. A small drop in efficiency over the course of the year
can significantly impact the site’s financial returns.

George Cameron, Green Highland’s Operations & Maintenance Manager had heard
about the Micronics unit from David Cairney of Fluidic, a UK supplier of industrial
process instrumentation.

The Micronics Portaflow, Clamp-On range of portable Flow meters provide accurate flow
measurement from outside the pipe. They are simple to install with no interruption to
process and no down time whilst the units are installed because no mechanical parts
need to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system. It takes just
a few minutes to install and there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system. They
are equally simple to use; a straightforward question and answer menu provides the
facility to collect valuable information with the minimum of fuss or previous knowledge
and minimum instruction. Results can be achieved within minutes of opening the case.
Compact, rugged and reliable, the Portaflow range has been designed to provide
sustained performance in industrial environments.

George was very satisfied with Fluidic’s recommendation and would certainly use
Micronics flowmeters in other Green Highland projects.

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