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Micronics flowmeters used to monitor chilled water at the National Physical Laboratories.

4 Micronics U3000 flowmeters were used by a Kent-based plumbing, HVAC and thermal insulation company to monitor the flows on the chiller pipe work at The National Physical Laboratories, the national measurement standards laboratory for the UK. It was a crucial part of the project that GRH Solutions Ltd were undertaking that the flow rates could be monitored by the facilities management team to confirm the system is performing to required parameters.

Micronics had been used elsewhere on site therefore Graham Harraway of GRH Solutions contacted Micronics re the U3000 flowmeter to see if this would suit the requirements and it was discussed and found to be a good fit for purpose.

The U3000 is a clamp-on fixed flowmeter, which accurately measures any liquid flowing through a closed pipe so was ideal for this particular project. It offers a quick and reliable flow measurement solution, which was very important to NPL, as it provides the measurement capability that underpins the UK’s prosperity and quality of life. It has an easy to follow menu and because it is a clamp-on flowmeter solution and simple to set up it proved to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-line meters.

Graham Harraway is very enthusiastic about Micronics flowmeters and will undoubtedly use them again when a job requires it. “Because there was no requirement to carryout large and costly alterations to existing pipework to install an inline flow meter, which reduced the downtime and cost for the client.”

This is another example of the benefits and potential for clamp-on, fixed flow metering solutions.

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