Heathrow Airport

Micronics flowmeters used to survey heating system at Heathrow

Micronics flowmeters were used at Heathrow’s Terminal 4 to survey the energy usage in the heating system. The facilities staff at Heathrow Airport, Terminal Four have a five year plan running from 2014 to 2019, entitled Quinqennium 6 and this plan included the redesign of the heating system, which currently runs at medium temperature hot water (120oC). They required the system to run at a lower temperature in order to be more cost effective, more environmentally friendly, and crucially, safer. To enable this, they needed to log all data during the winter of 2014 so they called in Balfour Beatty, the Delivery Integrator for all building works for Heathrow Airports Ltd, to carry out an energy flow investigation.

Luke Hirst, Balfour Beatty’s Project Manager heard of Micronics from Nick Wells of Power Plan Limited, a Kent company who specialise in the supply, planning and installation of secondary power systems who had used Micronics flowmeters at Terminal 5 and was particularly impressed that there was no need to cut into the pipework. This would have been extremely disruptive to the Airport, necessitating the temporary shutting down of the whole Terminal heating system. Micronics recommended the use of the U1000 and U3000 flowmeters, with energy calculators and data loggers. They offer a quick and reliable flow measurement solution. They are configured for pipe size so only nominal configuration on site is required, minimising intervention. The easy to follow menu made it a very cost-effective alternative to a traditional in-line meter. Furthermore, dry servicing is possible so that downtime is kept to a minimum which is especially important for the smooth running of such a busy terminal.

Luke Hirst was enthusiastic about Micronics flowmeters. “Operation has proved exceptional. The surveys were carried out without affecting the terminal. As a result of the survey the design of the replacement heating system is being carried out now. We will definitely use Micronics flowmeters on future occasions when the need arises to carry out another survey.”

For further information on this project or the Micronics range call Micronics on +44(0)1628 810456, or visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com.

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