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Micronics flowmeters used in a major London hospital

A Midlands-based company, formed in 2004 which provides a range of engineering based services dealing with all aspects of the water cycle used 2 Micronics U1000 flowmeters in late 2017 to provide accurate data for the pulsed output for a chemical dosing unit in a major London NHS hospital. Scot Davis, UK Projects Manager for Integrated Water Services had used Micronics flowmeters on a regular basis for some years and so had no hesitation in recommending the use of the flowmeters to the hospital authorities.

Scot Davis is enthusiastic about Micronics units: “The U1000 was chosen for this particular project because I knew from experience that it performed quickly and reliably. Furthermore, it is non-invasive meaning that there is no need to cut into pipes. This in turn meant that installation costs were minimal and disruption was kept to a minimum. This was particularly important to a hospital which operates 24/7 and is part of the cash strapped NHS.” The U1000 is designed to work with clamp on transducers and accurately measures liquid flowing through a closed pipe. There is no need for any mechanical parts to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system. It takes just a few minutes to install and there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system. Also, only nominal configuration is required on-site because it is pre-configured for pipe size and because dry servicing is possible, maintenance is fast and uncomplicated. Plus it’s easy to follow menu makes operation straightforward making it a very cost-effective alternative to a traditional in-line meter.

Integrated Water Services Ltd. (IWS), is part of South Staffordshire Plc, and provides specialist services in all aspects of water hygiene, abstraction, distribution, analysis and treatment, distribution network repair and maintenance, rehabilitation, alteration and extension. IWS supplies a wide range of services to the public sector, utility companies, industrial, commercial and retail customers.

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