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Micronics flowmeter measures chilled water supply to MRI Scanner for Northwest hospital

Bolton-based oil and gas firing specialists used a Micronics U1000 flowmeter to measure the chilled water supply to an MRI scanner at Dialstone clinic in Stockport in autumn 2017. Medway Heating, a family run business with clients across the UK were recommended to use the Micronics U1000 by consultants and MD, Paul Craven has been very satisfied with the endorsement.

Micronics provide fixed clamp-on solutions to provide the essential ongoing measurement and monitoring for effective energy management and user billing. Consumption is calculated for accountable areas by clamp-on, non-invasive water flow and energy measurement. And a vital benefit to a hospital which operates constantly is that there is no need to drain down systems and cut into existing pipe-work.

The U1000 clamp on meter is quick to use and highly reliable. It is also far more cost-effective than large in-line meters, when the installation cost is taken into account and will provide lower ongoing servicing costs through dry maintenance meaning there is no need to drain down pipe-work for repair or servicing. And the fact that costly and disruptive downtime is kept to a minimum is a significant benefit in critical system installations such as hospitals, as in this case or indeed in, for example data centres and airports.

Medway Heating employ 25 fully qualified engineering staff and provide services across a range of sectors as well as the health care sector, including education, local authorities, leisure, commercial, industrial and defence.

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