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Micronics portable flowmeter used by world-leading manufacturer

A world-leading producer of gas atomized metal powders used a Micronics PF330 to establish the flow of water in a network of pipes on the cooling circuit in different parts of their factory.

A Maintenance Engineer for the company used the portable flowmeter to check the accuracy of permanent flowmeters independently. “We had already purchased the same model 2 years earlier but wanted to leave one in situ for an extended period. It made sense to buy the same model so we went ahead and purchased another one last December The PF330 is extremely easy to set up quickly. Indeed, we make use of it every couple of weeks. We are very satisfied with it and would recommend it to others. The flexibility and ease of use means that we can deploy the PF330 quickly to either assist in fault finding or to gather valuable data.”

The specialist Micronics product, used for clean liquid monitoring, with its integral

logger and software and non-invasive measurement represented significant savings for the company on installation costs and less disruption than when installing an alternative in-line meter. The Micronics clamp-on flowmeter for liquids is portable and easy to use and offers continuity and long term reliability. It is robustly constructed and provides a quick and reliable means of measuring flow accurately.

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