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Micronics flow meter used in management of boiler houses throughout the UK

A provider of technical, mechanical and electrical support maintenance for commercial offices, industrial buildings and retail properties uses a Micronics U3000 flowmeter to log the flow coming out of the district heating systems of boiler houses. South East-based MS Maintenance Solutions Ltd’s’ Maintenance Supervisor had installed a previous version of the Micronics unit at a site now supported by MS maintenance Solutions Ltd. It had been in place for some 15 years previous so he had every confidence that its replacement, purchased in spring 2018 would perform equally well. “The key for us was the fact that the U3000 is non-invasive, meaning that boiler houses, which typically run 24/7 would not have to be shut down during installation. We have had some issues with the new version due to the temperatures of some facilities but have found a solution.”

The permanent, fixed clamp-on flow meter allows for simple, accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe, bringing straightforwardness to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow. Because it is clamp-on there is no need to drain down systems and cut into existing pipe-work. It is a cost-effective solution when the installation cost is taken into account and will provide lower ongoing servicing costs through dry maintenance meaning minimum downtime, which is also a significant benefit in critical system installations such as data centres, hospitals and airports.

These ultrasonic flow meters are widely used in the Energy Management and retrofit Building Services markets around the world to help reduce energy consumption and monitor water use. The extensive range includes clamp-on, portable and fixed liquid flow measurement meters and energy meters for heating and cooling applications.

MS Maintenance Solutions hold maintenance contracts for over 120 buildings in and around London and they have established a significant footing across the UK to ensure the smooth running of critical assets including cooling, heating, mechanical and electrical systems.

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