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Micronics area velocity flowmeter installed at brewery under redevelopment

A privately owned, independent company that has been providing maintenance, support, supply and installation services for water, waste water and process instrumentation since February 2000 installed a Micronics UF AV5000 at a brewery in March 2019. Ian Brady, a Servitech Outside Service Engineer installed the Area Velocity flow meter at a site being redeveloped. Flows through an outfall flume became very turbulent due to the installation of a controlling penstock type valve, accuracy was impaired and the existing flow monitor results were deemed no longer to be trusted. Ian Brady installed the AV5000’s sensor in the circular pipe which was located far enough downstream of the existing flume for most of the turbulence to have dissipated. Results were then returned to similar values prior to the installation of the penstock valve. “I originally discovered Micronics as long ago as 2016 following an internet search when a much older flow meter from another manufacturer had failed and we needed to monitor and record the waste water or effluent leaving a recycling plant and incinerator. The Micronics unit represented the best value for money and I have been very satisfied with its performance over that extended period of time so decided to invest in a second meter in 2019.  The AV5000 is still my instrument of choice for monitoring flows in circular drains where Mcerts certification is not required.”

The Micronics UF AV 5000 open channel or partially-filled pipe flow meter measures velocity and level to calculate flow in pipes and open channels of any shape. It is Ideal where flumes or weirs are difficult to install and works with water levels from 25.4 mm (1″) to 4.5 m (15 ft.). The UF AV5500 Area-Velocity Flow Meter includes a submerged ultrasonic sensor that is installed at the bottom of an open pipe or channel. Exposed materials are stainless steel so the sensor resists fouling, abrasion and corrosion. It has no moving parts and no orifices, ports or electrodes. It is easy to calibrate with a built-in keypad and menu system. An integral 26 million point data logger with USB output is standard. It is recommended for wastewater, industrial effluent, stormwater, combined sewers, natural streams and irrigation water. The flow meter can be configured with the standard submerged velocity-level sensor, or with submerged velocity plus a separate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor, for highly aerated fluids or those with a high concentration of suspended solids.

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