University Hospital Ayr

Micronics Portaflow 330 helps a major Scottish hospital to calculate heating demand

It is crucial to calculate how much hot water is being used in a major public building like a hospital to assist with the calculation of heating demand which can help improve efficiency. The University Hospital in Ayr wanted to do just that. Alastair Kay, the Energy Manager for NHS Ayrshire & Arran saw an advertisement in an Energy and Building Magazine for Micronics and decided, after some initial investigations that the non-intrusive Portaflow 330 which can be strapped onto the outside of pipes without the need to cut into the pipe, would be ideal for evaluating conditions on site. The device is very simple to use – there is no overhead for additional fittings, plant modification, or retro-fit expenditure. Also there is no contact with fluid so there is no risk of contamination, vital in a hospital.

Alastair Kay is enthusiastic about the role the Micronics has played in improving efficiency. “I was delighted with the choice of the Micronics unit because it allows us to gather data which we would otherwise not have. It is a great investment for the hospital as it can also be used to measure other liquids like cold water and oil. It has helped us become considerably more efficient and I can see us using it for many years to come.”

University Hospital Ayr is operated by NHS Ayrshire & Arran. It lies on the southern outskirts of Ayr and covers a catchment area of approximately 100,000 people. It is a district general hospital providing medical and surgical services and is the main Accident and Emergency centre for South Ayrshire.

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