Micronics portable flowmeter used extensively by cooling tower specialist

An established engineering business focused on cooling systems technology purchased a Micronics Portaflow 220 to supplement their existing PF330 in March 2019. Vistech Cooling Systems provide consultancy, technical design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for industrial and commercial cooling systems throughout the UK. Martin Crunden, Vistech’s Technical Director needed a second flowmeter to measure and establish accurate flow rates and to execute performance testing on customers’ sites for their Yorkshire-based offices which now provide services for the northern region. For example, Vistech were carrying out a project for Mizkan Euro, manufacturers of Branston Pickle who asked Martin Crunden’s team to size a replacement cooling tower in Bury St Edmunds. The fact that the PF220 was fully portable meant that it could easily be employed temporarily to provide data at a remote location, providing design criteria for the replacement cooling tower.

The ultrasonic, clamp on Micronics Portaflow range is ideal for closed pipe applications. The fact that it is designed to be non-invasive has the significant benefit that there is no interruption to process and no downtime whilst the units are installed, saving considerable time and expense on each and every project. Micronics are a well-established UK company and the extensive range doesn’t merely include portable flow meters, but also flow meters for fixed applications and energy meters for heating and cooling applications. The range also includes clamp-on, full pipe or open channel “Doppler” flow meters for contaminated or dirty liquid flows.

Vistech’s customers range from global pharmaceutical and food production companies including GSK and Birds Eye to international banks and insurance markets including RBS and Lloyds of London. The well-established company provides clients with an efficient means of cooling for their required commercial or industrial cooling application, including water cooling towersadiabatic coolers and air cooled chillers.

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