Ultrasonic Metering Systems

Ultrasonic Metering Systems use a type of flow meter that can measure velocity of fluids with ultrasound technology to work out the volume flow.

Using ultrasonic transducers, these flow meters can measure average velocity of along a beam of ultrasound, and then taking averages of the transit time (by measuring differences in pulses of ultrasound propagating into & against flow direction), or alternatively recording frequency shift using the Doppler effect.

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Metering Systems

Ultrasonic flow meters are non-invasive, and therefore can detect in-situ flow rates from outside the pipework, with no interruption to flow or the process. They require little maintenance, as the sensors will not contact with the flow, as they have no moving parts.

Non Contact Flow Meters

We have a large range of non contact flow meters, please contact us for more information.

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Vertex Building Services Ltd

Micronics heatmeters collect usage data in prestigious, London office building. The new U1000MKII-HM is a “Best Value” Clamp-on, Ultrasonic heat meter alternative to traditional inline energy meters. It provides reliable energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district or shared heating or cooling systems.

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“I was impressed with Micronics products and therefore had complete confidence that the U1000 heatmeters would perform flawlessly and deliver the data required for this long-standing client. Vertex won this contract following a lengthy tender process so we were doubly determined to do a perfect job and therefore needed to have that confidence.”

Vertex Building Services Ltd

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