#Clamp-On, Non-invasive #Flow Measurement=No Contamination!

Ensuring that there is no potential for process liquid contamination is an essential criterion in many industries including the #pharmaceutical and #semiconductor sectors where the specific requirements for the process water are an essential element.

For example Ultra pure water is the lifeblood of every pharmaceutical company and they require vast quantities on a daily basis. Eliminating bacterial growth depends largely upon the system being free from crevices that can provide a breeding ground for the bacteria to grow. They must also use the highest quality stainless steel construction materials. For this reason ultrasonic Clamp-On flow meters and instruments are ideal, as they do not need to enter through the pipe wall or protrude in any way into the ultra pure water environment. This reduces the cost of installing flow meters and eliminates entirely the potential breeding ground for bacteria that in-line meters present!

Micronics Clamp-On, non-invasive meters and portable instruments measure the flow of liquid within a pipeline through two sound transmitter/receivers clamped to the outside of the pipe wall. The sound is directed through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid where the speed of the sound wave is modulated by the flowing liquid. This modulation is converted into volume flow rate by the electronics in the flow meter. There are no mechanical moving parts required either inside or outside the pipe to make the measurement. A major advantage of using the Clamp-On ultrasonic meter in purified water applications is that they do not penetrate into the liquid and as a consequence they are not as expensive to manufacture as alternative in-line aseptic meters.

Micronics Clamp-On flow meters and instruments have been applied in pharmaceutical plants around the world. They #solve flow-metering problems by eliminating any possibility of contamination and at the same time saving a great deal of expense.

To summarise Clamp-On, non-invasive meters and instruments offers the following benefits for any type of aseptic or other similar operation where potential contamination of process liquid is a critical issue:

  • Totally non-invasive and cannot cause contamination of the fluid
  • Low installation and operational costs
  • Do not require system downtime for installation or maintenance
  • Do not cause any pressure drop and are therefore very efficient
  • Are not pipe size dependent and can therefore be easily moved to a different site should the need arise, without stopping the process.

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