Water, Heat and Energy Sub-metering

Managing your energy usage and Water costs with Sub-metering systems

The first step in energy management, managing Energy costs and Water costs, is to find out what’s flowing where in your facility. Initially through a survey or audit followed by ongoing water and energy sub-metering of accountable areas.

Step two, consider your facility in operational terms with respect to the use of energy consuming and water use. How does the facility break down in respect of the physical layout, departments and cost centres e.g. admin offices, R&D, production etc. And then, do a physical survey of the heating, cooling and water services to establish where it would be useful and viable to install a water or energy sub-meter to collect the information.

At this stage it may be helpful to undertake some temporary monitoring and logging of your electrical consumption (meter readings) to confirm your assumptions in respect of what’s flowing where. Hiring or purchasing a portable meter like the PF333 from Micronics would enable you to do data collection.

Step three, decide what or which form of water or energy sub-metering strategy to install. For heating, cooling and water energy efficiency services you could install a traditional in-line sub-meter. This will require a disruptive and costly stoppage and drain-down of the various heating, cooling and water services circuits. Or as a smart alternative, you could use a clamp-on, ultrasonic sub-meter. As the name suggests this is not disruptive i.e. no need to drain down services or cut pipes!

The U1000 range of clamp-on flow and energy meters simply clamps onto your existing pipes to provide a flexible and cost effective water or energy sub-metering solution. They’re low maintenance and flexible, as there is no potential for flow contamination, experienced with in-line meters. If you subsequently decide with use and experience that there’s a better position, it can easily be moved to provide sub-metering for an alternative service or cost centre.

The Micronics U1000 range of clamp-on sub-metering solutions, is the smarter way to find out what’s flowing where and manage your Water and Energy consumption costs.

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