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Wastewater effluent flow meter

Our Best Value Solutions for Effluent flow meters. Water and the Environment are precious and finite resources which we need to protect. Managing consumption and monitoring waste discharges avoids contamination and flooding.

A wastewater meter, is an instrument specifically for measuring liquid flow rate. The volumetric or mass flow rate of sewage or industrial effluent.

Measure and monitor your effluence flows to manage consumption and protect the environment, a Micronics effluent flow meter can help.

These are generally used by sewage companies for measuring flow of sewage and water within the pipes. The meter has level sensors that record data relating to the flow inside of the pipe and it can then be analyzed to inform the individual or the team of any blockage issues. They also have a wide range of uses and can be utilized for open channel flow in areas such as rivers and streams.

An electromagnetic flow meter has no moving parts making it useful in waste water applications that are conductive or based in water. Portable instrument and Fixed meter products for partial or full pipe applications.