Berkeley Controls/Integral UK Ltd, East London

Berkeley Controls/Integral UK Ltd, East London Application Note: Micronics Clamp-on Flow Meter provides flow measurement for energy monitoring in high profile shopping centre

Westfield Shopping Centre, adjacent to the London Olympic Park was opened in September 2011 in time for the 2012 Olympics and is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. Aspers Casino is to be found on the 3rd floor but even a venue dedicated to leisure needs to be aware of costs and energy charges are a significant factor in any budget. Westfield, as landlords of the casino, is charged according to usage from the chilled and low temperature hot water circuit which feed into the casino. They wanted to cross check the charges being made so called in Micronics, manufacturers and distributors of high quality clamp-on liquid flow meters for a solution.

Micronics engineers recommended the installation of an Ultraflo U1000, an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering solution for measuring hot and chilled water flow rate. The U1000 is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional in-line meter installation and can also be used to provide flow measurement for heat and energy metering applications for building services and energy management in existing buildings. The U1000 is a transit time, ultrasonic flow meter, designed to work with clamp-on transducers and it provides accurate measurement of liquid flowing within a closed pipe. Significantly, mechanical parts do not need to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system. This means that installation takes just a few minutes and there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system for initial installation or servicing, making it extremely cost effective and practical for retrofit energy management applications and a better value solution for larger pipe flow measurement in new build applications.

Micronics engineers connected sensors to a trend IQ3 control system in the casino. The U1000 flow measurements are then transferred to the brand new BMS system in the casino where consumptions are collated on an hourly basis. This allows consumption graphs to be generated through the BMS to view usage over time giving useful management information which is used to keep a close eye on costs. The unit has been working well since installation.

Micronics were selected as the supplier due to their competitive pricing in comparison to similar technology solutions or alternatives which would have required considerable construction work, which was undesirable in this brand new complex. This example demonstrates that the opportunity for replication in similar schemes across the UK is extensive and Berkeley Controls/Integral UK Ltd can see significant potential for using Micronics flow meters in other projects.

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