Water Sub-Metering

A comprehensive range of fixed and clamp-on water meters, utilising ultrasonic clamp-on technology to deliver significant benefits over traditional inline products including lower installation cost and dry servicing benefits.

The products are well-suited for water sub metering.

What Are Water Submeters?

Sub Metering is the installation of water meters across a single building or business site where you need better knowledge of water consumption; perhaps by specific distribution, plant or equipment. Water submeters will track water consumption in specific areas of a building or site. These Water submeters enable a property owner, property management firm or other multi-tenant properties to charge individual tenants based on their own specific water usage and consumption.

Installing submeters, means the tenant will only pay for individual water or electricity consumption. Separate meter readings can reduce utility costs and are also good for water conservation by identifying areas of waste so those using it can start using only the water that they need.