Micronics flowmeters used to help verify gas consumption rates

4 Micronics U1000 flowmeters were used by Essex-based Bowmite Electrical and Mechanical Services to help verify the consumption of gas for a centralised system so that it became possible to pinpoint the consumption and work out the boiler rates. This was to enable the authentication of the efficiency rates in differing parts of the plant thereby enabling strategies to be developed to make adjustments to improve the system’s efficiency and achieve reduced gas consumption for higher outputs.

The Ultraflo 1000 provides a quick and reliable flow measurement solution. Tony Saint, a Director of Bowmite was told about Micronics flowmeters by Insite, a metering and billing agent and selected it primarily because it meant that there was no need to cut into pipes. “I was very impressed with the U1000 and will use the Micronics unit for future projects where the need arises. I was particularly impressed that the system did not need to be drained down or pipes cut into making installation costs negligible and the time needed to complete the investigations minimal. Furthermore, because it is configured for pipe size there is only nominal intervention on site. It is a very cost-effective alternative to using a traditional in-line meter. Also, dry servicing is possible so that downtime is kept to a minimum. Its operation has proved outstanding.”

Bowmite Electrical and Mechanical Ltd was established in 1998 to offer a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical services to customers within London and the M25 area. They provide small-scale private work and new houses, through to large-scale architectural projects and other specialist commercial buildings.

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