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Euroheat Distributors – Micronics flowmeter used to check flow of water in biomass plant

In a world where there is a need to reduce our dependence on fixed carbon fuel sources such as oil and gas, the Biomass industry is increasingly vital to the UK’s energy requirements. It uses organic material produced by the photosynthesis of light and the organic compounds of carbons are then stored and can be used to generate energy. Euroheat Distributors, based in Worcestershire has grown steadily over the past two decades into the leading wood burning stove and wood biomass boiler company in the UK. However, if there is a fault the wrong temperature of water can be used and the raw material consequently wasted. It is crucial to run the industry as efficiently as possible both for cost and environmental reasons.

Dick Stephens, Euroheat’s Biomass Consultant needed to check the flows in the complex heating distribution systems where pipework branches off in several directions. He had used Micronics flowmeters in a previous role and was confident that their Portaflow range of ultrasonic, clamp on flowmeters would be appropriate for his purposes. Buckinghamshire-based Micronics are designers and manufacturers of “Clamp-On” ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce. Dick Stephens was highly satisfied with his selection of the Portaflow 220A, which can display instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity, together with totalised values. “Thanks to the fact that the Micronics unit is non-invasive there was very little interruption to the smooth operation of the plant. Indeed, it was installed within 20 minutes. It provides a quick and easy method of ensuring that our heating systems are working properly. I will definitely use Micronics flowmeters in the future.”

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