Micronics U3000 fixed clamp-on flow meter used to measure water flowing through cast iron pipes at Greenwich Power Station.

An international consultancy and systems integrator who deliver complex design and build projects to the air, rail, ports, road building and automation sectors used a Micronics U3000 to measure the water flowing through cast iron pipes at Greenwich Power Station. Transport for London wanted to measure water flow to enable fully automatic operation of the pumps and the Micronics unit was ideal for this purpose. Firstco Limited was established in 1998 to provide communications and control systems to the UK transport and infrastructure markets. Andy Morgan, Firstco’s Project Manager was introduced to Micronics by an engineer working at Heathrow Airport where Micronics U1000s and U3000s had been used to carry out an energy flow investigation.

The U3000 was chosen because it meant that there was no need to cut into pipes which, in turn meant that installation costs were minimal because the system did not need to be drained down. Andy Morgan was fully satisfied with the results of his choice. “The U3000 was a good choice for this system as the control system remained fully operational throughout, so non-intrusive means had to be used and draining pipes was not an option.”

The equipment is very easy to use with minimal operator training. It is configured for pipe size so only nominal configuration on site is required and this was important to enable the project to be completed on time. The menu is easy to follow and the U3000 is a cost-effective alternative to installing a traditional in-line meter. Also, because dry servicing is possible downtime is kept to a minimum which in turn means that the operation of the power station can proceed with the least possible disruption.

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