Micronics flow-meter measure cold water consumption at Scottish hospital

A Micronics PF440IP was used to evaluate how much cold water was being used at an NHS hospital in Scotland at the end of 2016. The Estates Manager at the hospital needed to check the volume of cold water being drawn from the main cold water storage tank during a typical week in order to assess if the current capacity of the original tank was still appropriate for the site, so he contacted the expert engineering firm, HKA* to help. Principal Engineer, David Russell had read accounts of how a similar flow measurement had been carried out in a non-invasive manner using a Micronics flow-meter in the CIBSE journal, and was pleased to discover that he could hire a portable flow-meter from the specialist manufacturer of “Transit Time” ultrasonic clamp on, non-invasive liquid flow meters. And he was recommended the PF440IP which is designed to perform in hostile industrial environments for sustained periods.

David Russell, Principal Engineer at HKA, said: “I would definitely use a Micronics flow-meter again when the need arises. The PF440IP was excellent and gave us the data we needed with the minimum of intervention.”

“It provided quick and accurate flow measurement and it’s easy to follow the menu. The simple set up was ideal in the pressured environment of a hospital. Results were achieved within minutes of opening the case,” he added.

The potential for similar use is significant. It is equally useful for use with potable water, river water, cooling water, demineralised water, water/glycol solutions, hydraulic oil, diesel and fuel oils, chemicals and petroleum products. It could be used for a multitude of applications, including HVAC and energy system audits, check system meters, pump verification, boiler testing, leak detection, filter sizing, measurement of ultrapure water, metering of heavy fuel oil, measurement of condensate,  balancing systems, fire and hydraulic system testing.

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*HKA is one of the world’s leading privately owned, independent providers of consulting, expert and advisory services for the construction, manufacturing, process and technology industries. The global portfolio includes some of the world’s largest and most prestigious projects across a wide range of market sectors that include buildings, industrial, infrastructure, oil and gas, power and utilities, and technology.


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