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Micronics portable flowmeter used to work out fluid flow rates and process cooling loads across a wide range of industry sectors.

York-based engineers, suppliers and installers for the process cooling industry regularly use a Micronics Portaflow 220 to log data on clients’ cooling water system pipes. David Gawthrope, Prokool’s Technical Director regularly relies on their portable Micronics flowmeter to calculate process cooling loads in the chemical, plastics, rubber, food and beverage and other manufacturing applications throughout the UK in conjunction with temperature data-logging equipment

David was impressed by the fact that the unit could be set-up very easily in-situ on a wide range of pipe type materials and diameters without any downtime required, which is crucial when gathering site data quickly. Prokool were impressed that this is a cost effective solution that provides accurate and instant flow measurement results, which is more practical than a permanently installed integral logger and software. Non–invasive measurement represents significant savings on installation costs and less disruption compared to alternative in-line flow meters. The Micronics clamp-on flowmeter for liquids is portable and easy to use and offers continuity and long term reliability. It is robustly constructed and provides a quick and reliable means of measuring flow accurately. This specialist device is very simple to use – there is no overhead for additional fittings, plant modification, or retro-fit expenditure. Also there is no contact with fluid so there is no risk of contamination of the process fluid and possible exposure of the monitoring equipment to corrosive or toxic liquids.

“The Micronics Portaflow was a tremendous purchase and we use it a widely for measuring water & glycol-water flow rates in client pipework and use it on a weekly basis to check flow rates! We discovered Micronics from an internet search and were looking for a supplier based in England who could be easily contactable for post-purchase support. It was important to us that it was a specialist business so were very happy to discover Micronics who offer excellent technical support. We thoroughly recommend this product, which performs just as well as many more expensive devices and is considerably easier to use.”

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