Scottish Sea Farms

Clamp-on  flowmeter provides multiple benefits for salmon farmer

A Micronics U3000 flowmeter is being successfully used by one of Scotland’s leading salmon farmers, Scottish Sea Farms, for monitoring water use at one of its freshwater hatcheries.

Hatcheries are where young salmon are raised before being transferred to sea pens, and the Micronics U3000 flowmeter is enabling the producer to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of its water use licences and know how much water is being used.

Equally importantly given Scottish Sea Farms’ overarching commitment to fish welfare, the Micronics U3000 also enables the producer to monitor exactly how much water is retained in the tanks at any one time to avoid causing any stress to the salmon.

Niall McCallum, Site Manager for Scottish Sea Farms, believes that the flowmeter plays an intrinsic and vital role in water management; so much so that the company purchased a second U1000 in June last year. This has helped ensure that a flowmeter is always available when the first unit is being calibrated.

Says Niall: “The Micronics U3000 is quicker and cheaper to install because there is no need to cut into pipes, meaning installation costs are minimal – the system does not need to be drained down or pipes cut into. Meanwhile, the accuracy of the data delivered is outstanding.

Of particular benefit to the Scottish Sea Farms’ Site Manager is the fact that the Micronics U3000 offers a quick and reliable flow measurement solution; in an ever-evolving sector, he needs to ensure the welfare of the fish at the same time as demonstrating efficient use of resources – in this case, freshwater.

With its easy to follow menu and simple set up, Micronics U3000 has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to a traditional in-line meter installation. With no need to drain down during installation, operation or servicing, costly and disruptive downtime is kept to a minimum, which is absolutely vital in a welfare-focused farming environment.

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