Sulzer: Micronics Doppler Flow Meter used in service centres of world’s leading pump manufacturer

Sulzer one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom engineered high-energy pumps for the oil and gas, water and hydrocarbon processing industries and power generation markets used the Micronics PF550 Doppler Flow Meter in 4 service centres nationwide to optimise performance, improve site operations and reduce energy costs, including at Anglian Water’s Empingham STW Inlet Pump Station.

Anglian Water Energy Team called in Sulzer to look at refurbishing the Inlet Pump Station. The aim was to improve the operation of the site as the existing pumps did not deliver the required flows and continually suffered from blockages. During the inspection of the site it was quickly realised that, along with the operational benefits, energy costs could be reduced by installing new Sulzer Effex pumps, which Sulzer presented and delivered to the Energy Team. Flows were increased by the installation of the Micronics unit to deliver the required consented flow during storm conditions and a control system was put in place to manage the required flow rate to the works. The result was the transformation of a very old and failing pump station into an efficient, low maintenance station saving over £1k in energy costs per year.
doppler flow meter - D550The Micronics PF D550 Portable Doppler Flow Meter is used to monitor and balance flow, or to troubleshoot flow problems in full pipes. It is ideal to evaluate performance of in-line flow meters and can be installed, calibrated and started-up in minutes. It is particularly useful for projects where a permanent flow meter is not required or to temporarily replace installed flow transmitters. Operation is straightforward. The ultrasonic sensor is clamped on the outside of a pipe. An acoustic pulse is reflected back to the sensor from particles or gases in the flowing liquid. The flow rate of any fluid can be measured as long as it contains air bubbles or solids. It is ideal for wastewater, slurries, sludge and most chemicals, acids, caustics and lubrication fluids. With its internal battery the PF D550 can be operated all day and then recharged overnight. For continuous use it can be powered by a supplied 110-240VAC wall plug adapter. A 300,000 point data logger is built-in.

Adam Rawlings, Sulzer’s Asset Enhancement Manager was pleased with the selection of the Micronics units. “We will definitely make use of them in the future. They are our preferred unit, having tried others in the past. I would recommend them for similar uses throughout the oil and gas, water and hydrocarbon processing industries and power generation markets.”

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