Heat Meters

Micronics manufacture and distribute a wide range of heat-meters and energy meters. This includes ultrasonic clamp-on heat meters, inline instruments, and traditional mechanical energy and heatmeters solutions. These products are ideal for energy management and automatic billing applications. Be it in district heating systems, shared heating or cooling schemes with both domestic heat meters and commercial installations.

Energy consumption contributes to global warming. To control or manage consumption, the first essential step is to measure and monitor the thermal energy being consumed. Therefore utilising an ultrasonic heat meter or, in the case of cooling loads, cooling meters/energy meters.

In addition to creating awareness of actual energy consumption and presenting the opportunity for control and reduction. These meters can also reduce consumption. They monitor the energy consumption of individual areas or users and billing by energy accountable areas.

No heat and cooling meter should be an island relying on manual meter reading. All our heat and energy meters, support industry standard communication protocols for remote monitoring. This is all as part of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) or AM&T system.

If you need an energy meter or heatmeter for your building or site. We believe we can supply a best value solution. In terms of performance, reliability, installed cost, and operation with technical support.

Ultrasonic Heat Meters | Clamp On Heat Meters