Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Portable Flow Meters, How do they work?

Portable ultrasonic flow meters are devices used to measure the flow of liquids in pipes without having to interrupt the flow or cause any pressure drops. These meters use ultrasonic waves to measure the flow rate of fluids. The principle behind these meters is that when ultrasonic waves travel through a medium, their speed changes depending on the speed and direction of the medium’s flow.

Portable ultrasonic flow meters have two transducers that are mounted on opposite sides of the pipe. One transducer sends out ultrasonic waves that are reflected by the fluid back to the second transducer. The time it takes for the ultrasonic waves to travel from one transducer to the other is measured, and the difference in time is used to calculate the velocity of the fluid. The meter then uses the cross-sectional area of the pipe to calculate the flow rate.

Portable ultrasonic flow meters are particularly useful in situations where the fluid is hazardous, corrosive, or under high pressure. They are also easy to install and use since they don’t require any special tools or equipment.

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Ultrasonic portable flow meters – Features & Benefits

Our Portable flow meters are simple to install and configure, no specialist skills or trades are required. They just clamp onto the outside of the pipe and are non-invasive, so no need to drain down systems, cut pipes and install flanges. As a consequence, the install time and associated disruption and cost are very small in comparison to traditional in-line meters. Other benefits of being non-invasive are that there is no pressure loss in the system and there is no risk of contamination of the fluid.

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter – Applications

The significant features and associated benefits make our Portable Ultrasonic flow meters particularly suitable for liquid flow and hydronic energy investigations in HVAC/Building Services applications for example in Data Centres, Airports, and Hospitals where minimal downtime and maximum availability of metering systems are essential to ensure continuity of operation. And in Process or water industry applications, the non-invasive feature and associated benefits minimise production disruption and maximise availability to avoid costly shutdowns due to system pressure drop or contamination for example in the measurement of flow within systems associated with the production of semiconductors or food processes.

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Prokool Ltd

York-based engineers, suppliers and installers for the process cooling industry regularly use a Micronics Portaflow 220 to log data on clients’ cooling water system pipes. David Gawthrope, Prokool’s Technical Director regularly relies on their portable Micronics flowmeter to calculate process cooling loads in the chemical, plastics, rubber, food and beverage and other manufacturing applications throughout the UK in conjunction with temperature data-logging equipment.

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“The Micronics Portaflow was a tremendous purchase and we use it a widely for measuring water & glycol-water flow rates in client pipework and use it on a weekly basis to check flow rates! We discovered Micronics from an internet search and were looking for a supplier based in England who could be easily contactable for post-purchase support.”

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