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Flow Meter Installation Service

Micronics understands that accurate flow measurement is essential for the success of your operations. Proper installation of your Micronics flow meter ensures you get the most out of your investment, providing reliable data to optimise your processes and reduce costs. Whether you’re utilising clamp-on ultrasonic technology, thermal mass flow measurement, or another Micronics solution, our installation guides will walk you through every step, from selecting the right location to ensuring proper calibration. By carefully following these instructions and considering factors like pipe size, flow rate, and fluid properties, you’ll be equipped to achieve optimal performance from your flow meter and gain valuable insights into your operations.

Installation and management

Flow Meter Installation and Commissioning – Micronics are able to provide a total package of flow meter installation that are properly installed, we can also offer a commissioning only service if required.

Energy Surveys – Micronics have a variety of equipment to perform energy surveys, from gathering data to producing the results – Let us take care of it.

Maintenance Agreements – Micronics can offer maintenance plans to keep your equipment in top shape and within calibration, talk to us about your needs and we will tailor a plan for you.

Calibration Keeping an instruments’ calibration up to date makes sense, we can offer yearly maintenance programs to make this simple.

Engineer on site – Our engineers have a lot of experience using our flow meter equipment, you choose the time and date and we’ll be there.

Training – At Micronics we understand that sharing knowledge leads to better value from test equipment. Contact us for a program that best suits your enterprise.

From a single meter to the whole solution – Micronics has the people, products and skills you need
Micronics has a wealth of flow meter measurement experience in many fields – Including yours

Trade ins – Now is the time to upgrade to one of our current products, we can offer part exchanges on many of them.

The whole solution – Micronics has been supplying flow meter solutions for their customers for many years, we can help you too. Tell us what you need and we will have a package that fits.

Equipment Hire – Not sure? Then Hire your flow meter, we’ll even offer to discount the cost of your first hire if you buy.

Micronics Flow Meter Installation Guidelines

To optimise the performance of your Micronics flow meter, ensure it is installed in an easily accessible location with minimal vibration. Then certify the pipe is clean and has the recommended straight lengths upstream and downstream, and matches the flow meter’s connection size. Following this securely mount the flow meter, ensuring it’s level making sure to adhere to any specific requirements detailed in the product documentation, such as flow direction, calibration, or special settings. Following these guidelines will help you to gain accurate and efficient measurement of your fluid flow.

How to Install a Flow Switch & Flow Meter

  1.  Review the Documentation: Start by reading the installation manuals for both the flow switch and the flow meter provided by Micronics. These documents contain crucial details about each device, including installation requirements, specifications, and safety guidelines.
  2.  Choose the Installation Sites: Identify suitable locations for both the flow meter and the flow switch within your system. Both devices should be placed in straight sections of piping, free from disturbances caused by valves, bends, or fittings. This placement ensures accurate flow measurement and reliable operation of the flow switch.
  3.  Prepare the Site: Before installation, ensure the pipeline sections where the devices will be installed are clean and free of debris. The pipes should match the size and material requirements specified for each device to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.
  4. Install the Flow Meter: Mount the flow meter in the pipeline following Micronics’ guidelines. Ensure that it is installed according to the flow direction indicated on the meter and that it is securely fastened to prevent any movement or vibration during operation.
  5.  Install the Flow Switch: Install the flow switch in close proximity to the flow meter to effectively monitor the flow that the meter is measuring. Follow the orientation and mounting instructions closely, and make sure the flow direction on the switch aligns with the system’s flow direction.
  6.  Connect Electrical Wiring: Properly wire both the flow switch and the flow meter to your control system. Adhere to the wiring diagrams provided by Micronics, making sure all connections are secure and correctly configured to allow accurate signaling and measurement.
  7.  System Testing: After installation, conduct a thorough test of the system. This should include running the system at various flow rates to check the operational integrity and accuracy of both the flow meter and the flow switch. Adjust any settings if necessary to ensure that both devices respond appropriately to the flow conditions.
  8.  Schedule Regular Maintenance: Set up a maintenance schedule based on Micronics’ recommendations to maintain the accuracy and reliability of both the flow meter and the flow switch. Regular maintenance can help prevent faults and extend the lifespan of the devices.
  9.  Seek Assistance if Needed: If you encounter any issues during the installation, or if you require further technical support, don’t hesitate to contact Micronics. We can offer expert advice on installing your flow meters to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Do you need an equipment expert on site?

We can provide that too, ask for our engineer on site service when you arrange your flow meter hire.

Training – At Micronics we understand that sharing knowledge leads to better value from test equipment. Contact us for a program that best suits your enterprise.

Engineer on site – Our engineers have a lot of experience using our equipment, you choose the time and date and we’ll be there.

Calibration -Regular calibration is essential to maintain the precision of your flow meters. Our expert engineers will help calibrate your flow meter correctly.

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