Wastewater Meters

Wastewater flow meters play a critical role in accurately measuring and monitoring the flow of wastewater in various industrial and municipal applications. These meters enable efficient wastewater management, process optimisation, and regulatory compliance.

Importance of Wastewater Flow Meters

Wastewater flow meters are essential tools for understanding and managing the flow of wastewater within treatment plants, industrial facilities, and sewer systems. Accurate flow measurement provides vital information for process control, load balancing, and effective resource allocation.

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Here are some key reasons why wastewater flow meters are important:

  1. Process Optimisation: Flow meters allow operators to monitor the flow rates and volumes of wastewater, enabling them to optimise treatment processes. By understanding the flow patterns and variations, operators can adjust treatment parameters to improve treatment efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with environmental regulations is a significant concern for wastewater treatment plants and industries discharging effluent into sewer systems. Flow meters provide accurate data on the volume of wastewater discharged, ensuring compliance with discharge permits, limits on pollutants, and effluent quality standards.
  3. Leak Detection: Wastewater flow meters are useful in identifying leaks and abnormal flow patterns within sewer systems. Sudden changes in flow rates or unexpected flow variations can indicate pipe ruptures, infiltration, or blockages. Early detection of such issues allows for prompt maintenance, minimising the risk of environmental contamination and infrastructure damage.
  4. Billing and Resource Management: In industrial and commercial settings, flow meters help accurately measure the volume of wastewater generated, facilitating fair billing and resource management. This information enables businesses to monitor and optimise their water usage, implement conservation measures, and reduce costs.

Applications of Wastewater Flow Meters

Wastewater flow meters find applications across a wide range of industries and facilities that handle and manage wastewater, these might include:

  1. Wastewater Treatment Plants: Flow meters are crucial in wastewater treatment plants for measuring and monitoring influent and effluent flow rates. They help improve treatment processes, ensure proper mixing and aeration, and provide data for compliance reporting.
  2. Industrial Manufacturing: Industries generating wastewater, such as chemical manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceuticals, use flow meters to measure and control wastewater flows. This facilitates efficient treatment, minimises environmental impact, and enables adherence to discharge regulations.
  3. Municipal Sewer Systems: Wastewater flow meters are installed in sewer systems to monitor the flow of wastewater within the network. They provide insights into flow patterns, peak flow events, and help assess the overall system performance.
  4. Landfill and Remediation Sites: Flow meters are used to measure leachate flow rates at landfill sites and during environmental remediation projects. Accurate flow data assists in managing and treating contaminated water, preventing groundwater contamination, and assessing site performance.

Micronics Wastewater Flow Meters

Micronics, are a renowned provider of flow measurement solutions, offers a range of wastewater flow meters designed for diverse applications. We can supply:

Portable Flow Meters: Portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters that offer non-intrusive installation and can be quickly deployed for temporary flow measurements. These meters are ideal for applications where permanent installation is not required or during troubleshooting and maintenance activities.

Fixed Installation Flow Meters: Fixed installation ultrasonic flow meters that provide reliable and accurate measurements for long-term monitoring. These meters are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and offer a cost-effective solution for continuous flow monitoring in wastewater applications.

Our wastewater flow meters are known for their robustness, accuracy, and user-friendly features. With our expertise in ultrasonic flow measurement technology, Micronics has established a strong reputation in the industry for providing reliable solutions to meet the demands of wastewater flow measurement.


Servitech International

A privately owned, independent company that has been providing maintenance, support, supply and installation services for water, waste water and process instrumentation since February 2000 installed a Micronics UF AV5000 at a brewery in March 2019.

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“I originally discovered Micronics as long ago as 2016 following an internet search when a much older flow meter from another manufacturer had failed and we needed to monitor and record the waste water or effluent leaving a recycling plant and incinerator. The Micronics unit represented the best value for money and I have been very satisfied with its performance over that extended period of time so decided to invest in a second meter in 2019. The AV5000 is still my instrument of choice for monitoring flows in circular drains where Mcerts certification is not required.”

Servitech International

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