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A comprehensive range of highest quality Ultrasonic Water Meters, utilising clamp-on ultrasonic technology to deliver significant benefits over traditional inline products including no drain down, lower installation cost and dry servicing benefits.

Our comprehensive range of fixed meter products offer great benefits over some mechanical alternatives. They can enable accurately measure & calculation of water consumption. Including any deviation water flow measurements caused by suspended particles or pockets of air.

Ultrasonic water flow meter

These ultrasonic water meters are only measuring water, so air in the pipelines does not get measured. Therefore removing any error or possible manipulation of meter readings. With no moving parts an ultrasonic meter has no mechanical wear and tear and so will require less maintenance.

Though the terms are often quite interchangeable, whilst all water meters are flow meters, not all flow meters are water meters. The main difference being that a water meter measures the volume of water that passes through the meter. A flow meter will measure the speed (flow rate) at which liquid passes through the meter.

The other main difference is that a water meter is used specifically and exclusively for water. A flow meter is used mainly in industrial situations, it can be used to measure other liquids such as oils but also measures gasses.

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Bristol Water

It is a requirement of the regulator and the Environment Agency that the flow and quality of waste water from drinking water treatment plants are monitored when discharging into water courses such as rivers and streams. Bristol Water has supplied drinking water for over 167 years and serves a population of 1.1 million people and all the associated businesses in an area of 2,400 square kilometres centred on Bristol.

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“Because mechanical parts do not need to be inserted through the pipe wall or to protrude into the flow system, installation took just a few minutes and there was no need to shut down flow or drain the system, making it extremely cost effective and practical.”

Bristol Water

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