Open Channel Flow Meters

Portable instruments and fixed meter products for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications. Ideal for water outflows and wastewater and effluent flow measurement where the liquids are not enclosed by pipes.

What are Open Channel Flow Meters?

An open channel flow meter uses reflected ultrasonic waves to gauge the distance for the face of the water surface to the ultrasonic transducer. The time occurring between the transmitted signal and the time received will determine the level of water.

This transducer will act as both echo receiver and a pulse emitter, though it’s worth nothing the sound speed does vary with the temperature of the air. Therefore, for a more accurate flow measurement, the transmit time needs to be corrected for sound speed changes caused by the ambient temperature. Many have these temperature sensors as in-built, others require this as standalone extras.

Advantages of Open Channel Flow Meters

These meters require little maintenance (no moving parts), run at a low cost, are immune to the effects of solids and silt blockages and suitable for anything from a medium/large pipes up to streams and rivers.

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Servitech International

Micronics area velocity flowmeter installed at brewery under redevelopment. The Micronics UF AV 5000 open channel or partially-filled pipe flow meter measures velocity and level to calculate flow in pipes and open channels of any shape. It is Ideal where flumes or weirs are difficult to install and works with water levels from 25.4 mm (1″) to 4.5 m (15 ft.).

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“I originally discovered Micronics as long ago as 2016 following an internet search when a much older flow meter from another manufacturer had failed and we needed to monitor and record the waste water or effluent leaving a recycling plant and incinerator. The Micronics unit represented the best value for money and I have been very satisfied with its performance over that extended period of time so decided to invest in a second meter in 2019. The AV5000 is still my instrument of choice for monitoring flows in circular drains where Mcerts certification is not required.”

Servitech International

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