Inline Flow Meters

Inline flow meters, also known as flow sensors or flowmeters, are devices used to measure and monitor the rate at which a fluid (such as liquid or gas) flows through a pipe or conduit. These meters are typically installed directly in the flow path and provide real-time data on flow rate, volume, and other relevant parameters. They are perfect for applications where flow disruption is simply not an option.

Our ultrasonic flow meters can be used for clean and dirty water applications. A typical application for an Ultrasonic Flow Meter is measuring flow of liquid in full pipes, also measurement of liquids such as water, wastewater, acids and solvents, chemicals and hydrocarbons and oils, also to monitor and control heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

They offer numerous advantages, including process optimisation, leakage detection, compatibility with various fluids, integration with control systems, and diagnostic capabilities.

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Inline Water Meters

Inline water meters are devices used to measure the volume of water flowing through a pipe or water supply line. They are typically installed directly in the water line and provide accurate readings of water consumption. These meters are commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where it is important to monitor water usage for billing, conservation, or process control purposes.

What are the advantages of inline water meters?

Accurate measurement: Offering precise measurement of water flow rates, designed to provide accurate readings, allowing for precise tracking of water consumption and enabling effective water management.

Billing accuracy: These meters play a crucial role in billing systems, especially in situations where water usage needs to be accurately calculated for commercial or multi-unit residential properties.

Leak detection: Inline water meters can help identify leaks in the water supply system by monitoring water flow patterns, any abnormal or continuous flow even when fixtures are not in use can indicate a leak.

Conservation: Identify opportunities to reduce water consumption, implement water-saving practices, and make informed decisions regarding water usage.

We have a wide range of alternatives to inline flow meters for water and environment applications.

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