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Clamp-on, non-invasive flow switches for use in water and environmental industries.

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What is a Water Flow Switch?

A water flow switch is a device used to monitor the flow rate of liquids and gases through a pipeline and sends a signal to another device, such as a pump, to turn on or off depending on whether the flow rate is above or below a specified level. This ensures systems operate safely and efficiently, preventing damage or downtime due to irregular flow rates.

Different Types of Water Flow Switches

Micronics offers a variety of water flow switches designed to cater to different needs across various industries. Our flow switches are crafted to ensure precision, reliability, and ease of use in monitoring and controlling the flow of liquids and gases. Here are the primary types available:

  • Ultrasonic Flow Switches: Utilising advanced ultrasonic technology, these switches detect changes in flow rate without any physical contact with the liquid or gas. This non-invasive method ensures durability and minimal maintenance, making it ideal for applications where hygiene and safety are paramount.
  • Magnetic Flow Switches: Best suited for conductive liquids, magnetic flow switches operate without any moving parts. These switches use the principles of electromagnetic induction to detect flow rates, ensuring highly accurate measurements and reliable operations in environments where contact with the fluid is permissible.

Each type of flow switch has been engineered to provide specific benefits depending on the application requirements. Whether you need robust performance in harsh industrial environments or delicate handling for pharmaceutical processes, Micronics has a flow switch solution tailored to meet those needs.

Water Flow Switch Application Examples

  • Water Treatment Plants: Flow switches help regulate and monitor water throughout the purification process, ensuring the system operates efficiently.
  • Irrigation Systems: In agriculture, flow switches are used to manage water distribution, maintaining soil moisture and saving water.
  • Industrial Cooling Systems: These switches monitor cooling media flow to keep machinery running at safe temperatures.

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Installation involves securing the flow switch at the correct point in the pipeline where it can accurately detect flow changes. It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding orientation and position to ensure accurate and reliable operation.

Flow switches are crucial in applications that require a specific flow rate for safety or operational efficiency. They are used to control the operation of pumps and motors, safeguard sensitive equipment against flow irregularities, and ensure consistent process conditions in various industrial applications.

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