Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters

What Are Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters

An ultrasonic liquid flow meter is a type of flow meter that will  measure velocity of liquids with ultrasound technology to work out the volume flow.

Using ultrasonic transducers, these liquid flow meters can measure average velocity of along a beam of ultrasound, and then taking averages of the transit time (by measuring differences in pulses of ultrasound  propagating into & against flow direction), or alternatively recording frequency shift using the Doppler effect.

Types of Flow Meter

Transit Time (Time of Flight) and Doppler meters, are both available in a clamp-on style with transducers which are used to detect and then measure liquid flow rates from the outside of the pipework, without any interruption to flow or process.

Ultrasonic liquid clamp on flow meters readings are altered by acoustic properties of fluids and impacted by density, viscosity, temperature and suspended particulates, all dependent on the type of meter.

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